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Despite a popular culture that portrays bikers as risky thrill seekers, motorcyclists are actually less likely to be ‘at fault’ for an accident than are drivers of standard-sized vehicle. If your motorcycle crash was caused by a negligent driver, you deserve fair compensation. Too often, drivers fail to recognize the presence of a bike, thereby putting motorcyclists at a serious safety risk. The law is clear: Bikers have every right to the road. Chicago drivers must get better at looking out for the safety of motorcyclists!

At The Loop Law Group, we fight for justice for injured motorcycle accident victims. If you were hurt in an accident in Chicago, please call us today at 833-GET-PAID to schedule a free review of your case. At The Loop Law Group, our Chicago car accident lawyers have extensive experience handling motorcycle injury claims and we know the stereotypes that bikers face that can lead to unfair treatment by insurance companies.

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists are inherently exposed to the dangers. While motorcycle accident injuries can vary considerably, in both kind and level of severity, they are often devastating. At The Loop Law Group, our team has handled many different Chicago motorcycle accident claims, and we have seen all types of injuries, including:

  • Road rash, and other severe skin damage and disfigurement;
  • Biker’s arm, and other severe arm injuries;
  • Leg injuries, including fractures and knee damage;
  • Internal injuries, such as damaged organs;
  • Severe head trauma, including concussions and TBIs; and
  • Back and spinal cord damages, which can result in paralysis.

Without legal representation, there are no guarantees that you will receive fair compensation for your injury. If you were hurt in an accident in Chicago, please call us today at 833-GET-PAID to schedule a free review of your case.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Chicago, you need to take action now. To schedule your free case evaluation, please contact an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer at The Loop Law Group today by calling 833-GET-PAID.

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